Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life Update #6⎪Traveling

Hey guys! I wanted to do a Life Update post just to tell you a few things. First one is, I'm heading out to California tomorrow. I'm going to be staying mainly in Los Angeles and San Diego. I thought if any of you have been to either, I'd love to get a few of your recommendations. I've been to Los Angeles before, so I guess I really want to know about San Diego: where the best places to eat and sightsee are :)

Another small update I guess is that if you are a subscriber of my Youtube channel, you'll probably know (or maybe not) that most of my videos are gone. I've privatized most of them because I've been coming to a dilemma of whether to continue filming videos or not. So, sorry to a few of you who've asked where my videos have gone or asked about my channel! Thank you for caring and sorry that my channel is down. I'm still contemplating it so, maybe I'll start again at some point? Perhaps when my blog grows a little more or when I grow enough confidence to do it again!

Still, you can enter the giveaway going on on my channel! It ends 7/31 so you've got a few weeks left :) You can enter as much as you want here.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Travel Edition Beauty Bag⎪skincare, makeup, body, and hair

I do a bit of traveling in a year, and each time I start packing I get so lost in the process I forget to blog about it. But this time around, I made it my business to actually take all the products I put in my bag back out, and take pictures of them. I love looking at my travel beauty bag and finding them so neatly organized, full of products that I fully trust and want to take with me.

I usually divide my travel beauty bag into two or three parts. One, is my skincare. Two, is my makeup. And three is mostly my body and hair products. People who aren't into beauty will probably think this is a bit too much, but gone traveling with these products, I'm fully happy with the products I brought along.

Where did I go: I went to Texas for a week, and will be traveling to California this coming week with probably the same products refilled!
What do I use as travel beauty bags: CVS has these travel clear pouches that come with small plastic disposable containers where you can put in some of your liquid products that are more than 3.4oz. But then, I also have a beauty bag that I keep in my small bag as I'm traveling. It's my usual Tory Burch makeup pouch.

Makeup Pouch:
Let's start with my makeup pouch, since it's the one I used the most throughout the week:

This is something that I put in my carry-on. I have a hand lotion by Josie Maran that has seriously cured my cuticles. Then I've got an In-Flight Face Mist by Kiehl's and then a touch-up powder by Benefit. Also, everyone needs to have a hand sanitizer when traveling, so I've got a generic effective one by Purell. Then to keep myself from feeling icky during flights and traveling, I put in a perfume that I really love by Nuxe. I also have the This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less aromatherapy stick. For lips, I've got one balm and one lipstick. The balm is the Nuxe Reve de Miel. For lips, I have the YSL rouge volupté shine that I recently blogged about here.

You can't believe how handy samples become during travel! I've got my handy ziplock of samples, filled with some lovely Missha products. Then I've got some isoi products that I've been kind of really loving. Then the main skincare you see are really from Mario Badescu. Gosh, I love this brand to pieces! I've got their Buttermilk Moisturizer, Hyaluronic + Vitamin C serum, and their Drying Cream. Then I've got the Bioderma miscellare H20 makeup remover then I can't live without. Because it is traveling, I also put in a handy face wipe by Neutrogena. Then something that I has really grown on me was the First Aid Beauty Red Clay Cleanser. I think I might even go purchase a full size of this!

I took a decent amount of makeup so I'm not going to list everything I took. But you can get a good look at the products laid out. I made sure to take one for everything: foundation, eyebrow, blush, bronzer, lips, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadows, and concealer.

Hair care:
I was more than impressed to find out that my favorite shampoo has a travel-friendly size. I never blogged about it because once something goes inside my tub, I get so lazy about taking it back out in all its wet mess and take pictures of them! But anyway, this shampoo is the Clear Scalp & Hair brand. I love this shampoo because they really help with lifting roots and getting the scalp to feel so super clean without drying out the hair!
This isn't a conditioner, but it's close enough. In the container that the CVS clear travel bags come in, there are also labels that you can put on them. This one is the L'Oreal Erase Balm Hair Mask that I won't be without! Another hair product that I took with me is the It's a 10 Leave-in Miracle Conditioner

Saturday, June 21, 2014

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Lipsticks

An ode to the YSL lipsticks, but specifically the line called rouge volupté shine. I never understood what the different rouge volupté formulations were, and what each line was. But, I have since been intrigued by their brand and decided to, once and for all, understand what their lipsticks were like! I've currently tried and bought one from each of their line.

But, I have come to the conclusion that the volupté shine are my favorite and what I think are the best. As I mentioned in my Beauty Haul post here, I am someone who loves to wear bold lip colors. Sadly though, I don't find myself in enough situations where I can boldly wear these bold shades. So, I am always looking for lipsticks that can give me the best of both worlds-- romance and reality.

These volupté shine lipsticks are absolutely practical in the sense that they are sheer enough to wear comfortably everyday in all situations, but not sacrificing the color payoff. I have gone for two particular shades, no.19 and no.14.

No.19 is drop-dead perfect. I love purple lipsticks, and this has got to be one of the best. I find most purple lipsticks being either too lavender, too red, too cherry, too dark, or too pastel. I like that saturated kind of purple. I find it so flattering for my skin tone and so many others. One that I found was quite spot-on with getting that exact purple shade was the 3 Concept Eye lip lacquer that I blogged about here.

But that one is really bold, something you can't wear everyday. But this YSL rouge volupté shine in no.19 is both purple and practical at the same time. The color power is also amazing. It's also super creamy and moisturizing.

No.14 is a beautiful coral. It's seems to be a really popular color since I see it constantly sold out. It is pinker than the other corals that they have in the same range (from my memory, no.15 and 16 were pretty orange-corals). It's perfect for that sweet and tarty summer look! :)

And need I say the packaging? It's YSL...

Because the rouge volupté lines all have the same packaging, I've always been confused as to what is what. Some YSL counters even have their lipsticks mixed all together so you can't tell the difference. Some even have the same number for goodness sakes! But now I know, this rouge volupté SHINE line is the best.

And on a final note, this is me wearing no.19 :)