Friday, December 19, 2014

Beautiful Rose Gold Eyeshadow by Laura Mercier

I've been a lazy day girl. I've been wearing only one eyeshadow. The last time I tried doing the whole multiple eyeshadow shading and blending, I looked way too overdone. It's almost as if I can't believe I used to wear that much eye makeup on a regular basis! Now that I am used to wearing a single eyeshadow, I feel that feels the most comfortable.

The good news is that I've found an eyeshadow I've been wearing nonstop. I realized I've never blogged about it when this product definitely deserves a good mention.

It is the Laura Mercier "Gilded RoseGold" Illuminating Eye Colour. It is simply beautiful. The pigmentation is super creamy and super rich. It reminds me of the Estee Lauder gelée eyeshadows that I absolutely love! It looks like gel on the eyes. (You can read about that palette here.)

The packaging doesn't look like much, but holy moly! One swatch, and you can see how rich the color is.

Festive Nail Idea⎪Dipping in Gold

Giving you some holiday festive nail inspiration today! When it comes to nails in the holidays, it's all about that glitter. I've been loving layering nail polish with glitter. I went all out this time around with Essie "Wicked" and adding gold sparkle only on the tips with Deborah Lippmann "Cleopatra in NY". I also added a little bit of "Boom Boom Pow" but it isn't necessary. Make sure you take the step to use a top coat so that the extra layer of glitter doesn't look like it's bopping out. 

I feel like if you add sparkle on the whole nail, it looks kind of too much. (It's pretty if you do sparkle on top of a nude or pink nail polish though!) But adding just a bit of gold on the tips adds elegance, chic, and festivity! 

The name I made for this nail is "Dipping in Gold" :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

DISAPPOINTED PRODUCT⎪Marc Jacobs Palette in Lolita

I recently made this purchase. After being disappointed with all the Marc Jacobs beauty products I've tried, I thought it was about time to give the brand another try. This time I went for their "Lolita" palette. I heard a good deal about it, swatched it for myself at the store... and thought I made a good choice to get this. However, after swooning over its sleek packaging and trying the colors on my eyes for over a week, I came to the conclusion that it really wasn't worth the price. Though the colors look beautiful and the pigmentation is great, the colors did not show up on my skin. It was beautiful to see swatched on my arms, but when they were actually on my eyes, the colors weren't noticeable and even when you could see I had color on my eyes, they weren't exactly flattering. They didn't make me look in the mirror several times a day and think, nice! Instead, I felt that I could save money and get a different palette that actually had color that would complement my skin better. And the really glittery middle shade has such big glitters in it that by the end of the day, I had glitter all over my face!

As much as I tried to love this palette, the color choice weren't that great and not truly worth the money.