Dear readers,

I am slowly transitioning my blog into a new name. I've always been a little unhappy with my blog name, and hopefully under a new blog name, I can freshen up my blog a little.

So, what is the new blog name? BEAUTY SHELFIE aka #beautyshelfie

Here is the link to the new blog address:

I am slowly working on merging ETHEREALELLIE with BEAUTYSHELFIE so please be patient with me! Hopefully, with this brand new name, I can focus on getting to you readers more coverage on all things beauty :)

Maybelline WaterProof Mascaras

Why did it take me so long to figure out that all I needed was waterproof mascaras to keep my thick straight lashes, CURLED? After spending dollars and dollars on high-end mascaras like Chanel (read here), Lancome, ByTerry (read here) ... I've finally purchased drugstore mascaras from Maybelline and I am loving it. 

Sephora 15% VIB Haul

Recently, Sephora did their 15% VIB sale, and I went a little mad by buying some new purchases. I wanted to share with you the things I got, and it's already been a few days since I've been trying them. There are definite loves from this pile, and a few that I'm a little meh about - but the in-depth reviews will come later :)

Wishlist #7⎜I Got my Eyes on You

Another series of things I've been looking up online, approaching the verge of a little obsessed :)

NOTD⎜ESSIE Lapis of Luxury

A great seasonal transition! For those days when you don't know how to combine winter and spring, Essie's Lapis of Luxury is such a beautiful shade.

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