Monday, October 27, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel⎪Truffle Shuffle

Every brand is coming out with their own version of "gel" nails, aren't they? I had my heart set on the Revlon GelEnvy nail polishes, but Sally Hansen makes pretty good ones too. But first off, before I compare the two brands - I want to take about this shade. "Truffle Shuffle" is a beautiful caramel brown. It's elegant and perfect for the fall and winter. 

What I love about this nail polish: easy to apply, shiny
Downfall: they recommend that you use their miracle gel topcoat. I don't know if it's necessary so I'm testing it out right now. Also, it's not as shiny as the Revlon gel envy nail polishes. I'm going to have to test out the duration of how long they remain shiny and intact. I'll keep you notified!

Jouer Makeup Haul⎪First Impressions

A recent haul from Jouer, featuring their beautiful and rich lip glosses, their liquid eyeliner (a repurchase), and their mousse eyeshadow.

Lipglosses - the nude shade is "wind" and the vibrant pink is "peony"
the shade "peony" is one of Jouer's best-selling product!
but I, personally love the shade "wind"
such a gorgeous nude shade I have to say!
I love topping my lipsticks with lip glosses nowadays
I hate the look of cracked or dried lip color
lip glosses make the lips look plumper and healthier!

Liquid eyeliner - shade in leopard
I'm a full-on believer of black eyeliners, but after using this shade and falling in love with the product as a whole, I just repurchased the same shade. I love this eyeliner so much. Nothing beats it, but I'm going to admit, it's not for everyone. But for me, it just works. Oh, and I forgot to describe the shade. It's a shimmering dark green. Love it!

Finally, the risk product. I was online, wanting to get free shipping and I decided to add in another product. I've been wanting to rock the blue eye makeup. It still hasn't happened yet, that smokey blue but I thought this eyeshadow would help. Online, it looked really vibrant. The blue really came through, but... in person, it's not that obvious. Maybe it'll show more if you had pale skin. It's hard to see on my skin, although you can tell that it is blue - just not as blue as I would like!

The important part: SWATCHES!