BAG ALERT. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Plum

This is aka "What's in my Bag" post, showing you what I carry around in my bag. It is an edited version, meaning, I've cleaned my bag a little and decided to feature things that were only beauty related. But this Rebecca Minkoff bag only allows a certain amount anyway. It is my first Rebecca Minkoff bag, and I bought this last Fall actually, and it is only now that I'm featuring it on my blog.

I absolutely love this bag, and in my recent trip to Europe, this was the only bag I carried around and it was the perfect size. Although it is a mini mac quite a lot can fit inside this bag. I loved it for chucking essentials in: like the beauty products that I feature, as well as carrying around my iPhone and travel billets and such. I decided to bring this bag to Europe because as a tourist, you want to be careful of picket-pocketting, and the last time I was in France, I was a victim of picket-pocketing and so I wanted to be extra careful.

I like to wear this cross body, and when I'm walking around, I kept it in the front of my body. The zipper is something I love about this bag, because it zips up so well. There are quite a lot of bags, I have to tell you, that just don't zip up well! You actually need your two hands to zip up, but this bag has such a smooth zipper that when you are in a rush and want to zip up, you can do it easily. Small unnecessary fact you say? Not for me, since zippers are something I always check up in a bag!

And with the functionality of this bag, comes the absolutely beautiful style. This color just makes my heart flutter. In some lights it may look a bit dark, and then in some lights, it looks bright plum. I love it! You may know that I have a huge obsession with plum colored things, and when I bought it last Fall, I knew I'd get a lot of wear with this. It is both chic and feminine at the same time!

So, finally here are some handbag essentials that are really do carry. They aren't just placed this way for the blogpost. These are my current handbag necessities that I took out of this bag for this post.

As a whole, I think all girls carry around a hand cream of some sort in the winter. I have been falling head-over-heels for This Works Deep Sleep Dream Cream lotion for hands and body. I loved it when I first bought it, but decided to give it to my mother to use but when I found she wasn't really using it, I took it back and fell in absolute love! I recently bought another tube of this and it's been loved very much by me! Read here.

Then of course, a lip balm. I featured this balm before but Nuxe Reve de Miel is just a great lip balm for the harshest winters. It has a matte finish, and it is very thick-- almost so thick, it's hard to scoop out of the tube when the weather is cold. But nonetheless, it masks your lips and instantly binds the torn skin on the lips upon application! The small is also lovely. The only downfall is that when you apply this too much, you may end up with residue of the balm on your lips. You want to make sure you are applying it without leaving particles of its content visible on your lips. (Anyone else know what I mean?) Read here.

Then for lip colors, I usually carry two shades. One neutral/nude, and the other, bright. I recently had to go to an interview, and for interviews I always wear this shade by Burberry. It is their lip mist in the shade Copper. Hands down, the best professional lip color, whatever that means. Whenever you want to look proper, read, and professional- go for this one. It always perfects the lips by moistening it, hydrating it, and giving it a color neutral peachy/rosy/pinky nude. The color is just right. Read here.

Then for the bright lip color for a sudden change in look, I have been loving Rimmel Apocalips (Show Off) shade in Big Bang. This is a Marilyn Monroe red, and I love it. But what I really love is the Apocalips formulation in general. Couldn't get better- creamy, moisturizing, and perfectly pigmented. Their lip lacquers are better than the luxe brands that I've tried. Read here.

For face, I always try to carry a face powder around, especially when I want to look my best the whole day. I hate when I see my makeup melt and I have nothing to fix it up! I have been obsessing with the Bourjois Unifying Face Powder. I did a review of this after I brought it from France. This again, is by far, better than most high end brands I've tried. It instantly perfects my makeup anytime during the day. Read here.

Lastly, fragrance. Ah, fragrances! When I was Europe, I was never without this scent. Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit fragrance. I did a whole review of this recently, so you can go read it up here.

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  1. Nice bag, Ellie. I love this cute cross body Mac, especially its color and golden touch. I have two Rebecca Minkoff Bags, one is my bridal clutch with mini strips and other is cross body leather Mac.


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