It's March. That gives me reason to wear orange. Because no one should wait until sizzling summer to spice up the lips and give it some hot oranges to wear. I've gone through my lipstick collection, and picked out my orange-toned lipsticks. Indulge your eyes as I show you the swatches of these beautiful shades. I've got all kinds of oranges: the yellow-orange, red-orange, pink-orange aka corals, nude-orange, hot-orange, muted-orange, pastel-orange, etc.,

Featuring brands: Revlon Shu Uemura Hourglass Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics Make Up For Ever. I realized I should've added my Giorgio Armani lip pencil, but since I forgot (and since it's not really a lipstick, you can just read it up here).

Swatches, here they come:
  1. Hourglass Liquid Lipstick "Muse"
  2. MAC Ravishing
  3. MAC Tangerine Dream
  4. MAC Tart and Trendy
  5. MAC Saigon Summer
  6. Shu Uemura CR330
  7. Revlon Lip Butter "Tutti Frutti"
  8. Make Up For Ever Satin No.40

Although, they heavily overlap, I've categorized them into what I could:
Coral: 1, 6
Nude: 2
Hot Orange: 7, 8
Yellow-Orange/ Baby-Orange: 3
(very slight) Pink-orange: 4
Muted Orange: 5

*NOTE* MAC "Tart and Trendy" and "Saigon Summer" are so similar in the picture, that for a moment I couldn't distinguish them. Upon further observance of different pictures of the two lipsticks in different lightings, I have concluded that: "Tart and Trendy" has more pink than "Saigon Summer". Also, Saigon Summer is a creme sheen, whereas "Tart and Trendy" is a lustre finish. Therefore, "Saigon Summer" is thicker or let's say a bit more pigmented than lustre (lustre has a tad bit more glossier lighter finish)

So, that's it! How do you like my orange lipstick collection? I had a few others, but I didn't think they stood up to the beauty of these. You can find reviews of most of these products somewhere in my blog. I'll try to link it somewhere in this post.

What are some of your favorite orange lipsticks? x

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  1. haaa! beautiful colors ")


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